Premium Web Site Package

Responsive and mobile friendly design

Responsive web site design

This premium website design package offers a little more than the professional package and is mobile friendly and looks great on a phone tablet or PC. It is WordPress based and offers you a multitude of design choices in keeping with your organisation logo colours and themes. With this package we also provide you with a products gallery or portfolio which can assist your presentation of products and services.

WordPress CMSWhy WordPress

Over 25% of all websites on the Internet WordPress based on is a good reason for that. In its early beginnings WordPress was a blog platform. Today WordPress is possibly the best content management system and web development platform in the world. Support for WordPress is vast and the possibilities limitless. It’s (CMS) content management system makes it easy to edits current content and create new content and pages. The WordPress system is also favoured by Google because its code is of high quality, giving you an advantage with search engine optimisation.

Is WordPress easy to use?

Over years of refinement WordPress is now extremely easy to use. If you’ve had experience with Microsoft Word, you will have no issue with learning the ins and outs of creating blocks new pages editing content and uploading images to keep your website up-to-date.
A blog is included in this package and we provide you with several hours of tuition to bring you up to speed with your website management. YouTube will also provide you with countless tutorials and instructional videos to assist you. You will also find adding images to your portfolio gallery page will be just as easy. You can call us for assistance any time you get into trouble, we will be happy to help.

Mobile friendly and responsiveMobile phones connect more to the internet than PC’s

Since 2015 there are now more users connecting to the internet via a mobile device than a PC which suggests your web site should be mobile friendly at a minimum. Users are likely to go elsewhere if they have trouble viewing your web site on their phone.
If your site is not mobile friendly now is a good time to get responsive, because mobile phone users going elsewhere means loosing a potential new customer. The sites we construct are all responsive mobile friendly web sites.

At its heart this package has probably the best content management system available today. Included is a contact page and form so users can contact you with their enquiries, the contents of the form is email to you. Your contact page we will also include a Google map so users can find you.

Web Design ThemesDesign theme

The wonderful appeal of WordPress is the number and variety of design themes available. Based on your company colour themes and logo we can choose a design that will be an optimal match for your services and products. We will offer you some mock-ups based on an appealing theme and you can make your choice.

web site contentWeb Site Content

After consultations and meetings with you we produce a site plan and scope for the web site development. You need to provide us with content to fill pages and must be presented in the form of a Word document, PDF or text file. You must supply any relating photos for each page of the web site. We can purchase photos on your behalf, from several Photo Libraries we use.

Web Site hosting and email servicesWeb Site Hosting and Email

We provide the first 3 months hosting for free which includes up to 5 POP3 email accounts. The web mail feature also allows you to access your email with a browser from anywhere in the world with internet access. Included Spamfighter which will prevent the majority of spam getting through.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Copy-writing ($300/page - 12 pages free)
  • Web site and email hosting ($350 per annum)

If you’d like to hire us, or just shoot the breeze, please feel free to send us a mail, or fill in the form.

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