We recently completed a web site for www.savequinkancountry.com.au. We were approached by the group to help them with their application for National Heritage status. National Heritage status would provide protection for the local indigenous rock art from potential mining and other interests.

Cairns Design Web Development agree to help

Cairns Design Web Development agreed that something needed to be done. A well design and effective web site would help bring the message to a wider audience. This would enable users to sign the petition. The web site had to be visually attractive and at the same time provide an easy method to see examples of the endangered rock art. I should also provide relevant information regarding Legislation and Standards, Mining Impacts, International Comparison, and the National Heritage Submission. We also created a Gallery page presenting some of the rock art to be found in the area.

The biggest danger to the area is mining

State and Federal law states that mining has precedence where minerals belong to the “Crown” and are subject to “common Law” however a Cultural Heritage site with Rock Art and other Culturally significant areas may be protected by several acts. All the details can be found on the site.

To date the web site petition has collected over 200 signatures and many more from off-site sources.  The site is driven by WordPress and Cairns Design Website Development provide updates and maintenance including protection against hacking. We also provide a professional security system, hosting, database backup and email.

We wish the Quinkan Country great success in their National Heritage application. For more details our service please refer to our web site services page.

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