Local SEO refers to website optimisation providing the ability for prospective customers to find, in their local area, details of a particular business or products and services provided by businesses in their local area.

Usually the prospective customer will be looking for a particular product or service but may not know the names of companies that supply them, including perhaps your own company.


Search engine results pages or SERPS

Other times people may know your company name but not your address or phone number. Other information they may be looking for could be opening times, where to park and local SEO will provide them the information via the search engine results pages or SERPS.

Details for example turnaround time could be important and the example below shows a company which provides a 1 hour Photographic turnaround service.

Local SEO in Cairns


SEO guidelines  building citations and social profiles:

Here are a few tips when building business citations.

  • Consistency with your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) information is important so every reference to your NAP should be the same.
  • Citations and social profiles which may include your NAP need to be updated should they change due to moving premises.
  • The description of your business products and services also needs to be unique and accurate.
  • A selection of good quality images is important together with ALT description tags

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